SOUNDBOARD: Greg Brown vs. St. Louis Edition

It’s chaos… pandemonium. Greg Brown owned the weekend. Here’s a soundboard to relive it:

Our previous two soundboards, featuring Brown, Tim Neverett, and Steve Blass, can be viewed here.

Go Bucs

2015 Pittsburgh Pirates Season Preview

2015 Pittsburgh Pirates

“So how hungry are the Pittsburgh Pirates? Hungrier than Kobayashi at Coney Island. Hungier than Adam Richman at an all-you-can-eat buffet line.

Hungry. Ravenous. Ready.” – Jayson Stark, ESPN

This blog enters its fourth season, and it’s honestly hard to believe we’re writing this sentence: The Pittsburgh Pirates have made the playoffs two years in a row. 

This time last year, there was still skepticism — 2013 very well could have just been a fluke. After all, t was the very first time we didn’t enter a season wondering if it would be the year that The Streak would end. Frankly, we didn’t know what to expect.

By October, the script was different, but the result was the same: the Pirates landed in baseball’s postseason, albeit the National League Wild Card game once again. It resulted in another early exit, but we had our answer: this team was no joke.

Since 2013, only four Major League teams — Dodgers, Cardinals, A’s, Tigers — have won more games than the Pittsburgh Pirates.

And that’s what gives this city more confidence and more hope for their baseball team. More than at any point in the previous two decades. The expectations are high, but this team is hungry. They want the division. And then some.

Here are your 2015 Pittsburgh Pirates…

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