Game #129: Giants 6, Pirates 3

The West Coast swing continued on Saturday night with Francisco Liriano and Tim Lincecum, two pitchers whose careers seem to be going in opposite directions, squaring off.  But tonight, Liriano got himself into an early hole and the Bucs’ bats couldn’t quite get him out of it against The Freak.

The Giants batted around in the bottom of the first and plated four runs.  It took Frankie 38 pitches to get through the inning, and he was already over the century mark by the end of the fourth.  Needless to say he didn’t have his best stuff, although he did continue his streak of decisions.  20 starts, 20 decisions.

Lincecum had his strikeout pitch working all night, fanning eight Pirates in 5.1 innings.  Tony Sanchez was the first to get to him, crushing his first career home run to lead off the fifth.  Fortunately for the Bucs, all those strikeouts (plus four walks) drove Lincecum’s pitch count up and they were able to put up two more runs in the sixth.  The two Sanchez’ each knocked in a run with singles, but the Pirates ended up leaving the go-ahead run on base.

Jared Hughes and Vin Mazzaro each allowed a run after Liriano exited, giving the Giants a 6-spot on the board.  Six Giants relief pitchers combined to close out the Bucs in the final 3.2 innings, but they did have a chance to come back in the seventh.  With one out, Jose Tabata picked up his second of three hits on the night.  Neil Walker bounced into what should have been an easy 4-6-3 DP, but instead reached safely when Marco Scutaro bobbled twice.  That brought up Cutch as the potential tying-run, but unfortunately he smoked a ball right to the right fielder.  The Giants went to former-Pirate Javier Lopez to face Pedro Alvarez, who struck out swinging to end the threat.  Sergio Romo cleaned up in the ninth, and sent the Bucs back into a tie for first place with the loss.

Cutch was on-deck during the ninth and was spotted using a donut that belonged to the Cubs.

Pirates (76-53) – Giants (57-72)

Win: Lincecum (7-13)
Loss: Liriano (14-6)
Save: Romo (31)


Go Bucs

One thought on “Game #129: Giants 6, Pirates 3”

  1. They suck. Period. End of discussion. The Pirates are choking the season away like a bunch of butt chumps. Again. I HATE this team and I HATE all of the coverage on them. Let’s talk Steelers. They actually WIN big games and have more WINS than LOSES in their seasons. The pine riders need sent back to PLB (Pony League Baseball) and the pitchers are falling apart. Marte got hurt…maybe he’ll hit better when he comes back. He was as reliable as Tony Romo holding a snap for an extra point. HURDLE NEEDS CANNED AND SENT TO THE MINORS. COME ON!!!!!! HE’S HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! McNotclutchen needs canned too cuz he can’t hit when we need one. Pr**k. Alvarez must see double when he’s batting against south paws because he’s hitting all O2. Wheel ‘n’ deal Neal needs to WHEEL HIS CHEAP A** OUT OF PITTSBURGH AND ROLL B****. HERE COMES THE COLLAPSE! THERE YA GO CARDINALS, GO AHEAD AND WIN THE DIVISION NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 PIRATES SUCK!!!!!!!!!!1

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