Holster ’em: Double Guns are “in”

For the past two years, the Pirates rallied around the “Zoltan” Z from the terrible Dude, Where’s My Car? film.

Pirates zoltan

That appears to be a thing of the past, however, and there’s a new rally signal in town: the double guns.

Here’s what Tony Sanchez had to say about the guns after Sunday’s 2-1 victory:

[quote_simple]”The Zoltan was huge for us last year, but Captain Cutch has a bag full of tricks and that’s something we’d come up with as a team – we had a meeting and we decided we liked it.”[/quote_simple]

Here are the guns in action… Andrew McCutchen on Friday night:

Andrew  McCutchen Guns

Cutch on Sunday (via @27imokemp)

Andrew  McCutchen Double Guns

Neil Walker holsters them:

Neil  Walker Double Guns

T. Sanchez after his huge hit (via @27imokemp)

Tony  Sanchez Double Guns

The team (via @27imokemp)

Pittsburgh Pirates Holster Guns

I love it, and it seems a lot of other fans do, too. Some people will probably hate it (I never cared for the Zoltan) and opposing teams might not take a liking to it, but we’ll see… I don’t care what they do as long as they keep winning.

Go Bucs

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