Miguel Montero puts down middle finger to signal Cutch retaliation

By now, you’ve seen/heard about/thought about the Andrew McCutchen retaliatory hit by pitch on Saturday night. Pirate color guy Bob Walk went off about the situation, McCutchen was infuriated and rightfully so: the Diamondbacks waited until they were losing 5-1 in the ninth to get back at the Pirates for accidentally plunking Paul Goldschmidt on Friday. Rather than get their machismo show over with in the first inning and move on, they waited until they were down and out of the contest. And, the deliverer of the plunking, Randall Delgado, really set Cutch up — after coming inside on the first pitch, he wasted a slider low and away to make it look like nothing was up. Next pitch? 95 mph in the back.

Oh, and now there’s this — John Wehner brought to attention on the broadcast today before the game that you can see Arizona catcher Miguel Montero “put down an inappropriate finger and point it towards McCutchen” right before the HBP. If you watch it through again, Montero calls time after ball two and signals out to Delgado that he is going to re-cycle through the signs. He puts five different ones down; here’s the third one:

miguel montero middle finger

click to enlarge

And here’s a zoomed-in look:

miguel montero middle finger zoom

Yep, that’s his middle finger being pointed straight at Cutch. And you know what happened next.

Here’s a GIF so you can see it in motion:

miguel montero middle finger0001

This wasn’t clear on the original broadcast. ROOT Sports had been showing zoomed-in shots of the players, so the catcher’s signs were out of view. Hat tip to Wehner for pointing this out, though he made it clear that ROOT wouldn’t zoom in.

So, yeah, if you need any more proof that the D-backs are a joke. Real classy, Montero. Cameras catch everything.

Go Bucs

22 thoughts on “Miguel Montero puts down middle finger to signal Cutch retaliation”

  1. Thanks for pointing this out. If this doesn’t prove to MLB that Delgado hit him on purpose than the commissioner and the rest of the executives at MLB are truly incompetent and they lack integrity.

  2. the whole idea of this retaliation is a joke… Fieri clearly didn’t mean to hit Goldshmit. Goldshmit knows it. The ball just broke high and inside (where it was supposed to go) and he turned into it. It happens, it’s baseball. But the fact they had to go out of their way to beam the MVP?? Doesn’t sound like ‘professional’ baseball to me at all..

  3. I’m not at all shocked that this article fails to mention Montero did that on the pitch before too…the pitch that bounced in the dirt down the middle of the plate.

    1. What’s your point? Either Delgado ignored the sign of the second pitch and didn’t want to plunk McCutcheon (until chastised by Montero) and instead threw a curveball, or the middle finger signal is actually the sign for a curveball – which Delgado must throw with very little break and at 95 mph. I think it’s the former not the latter.

  4. Goldshmit was too stupid to get out of the way of Fieri’s pitch unlike several of the Pirates did throughout this series.

    1. don’t blame victim. (one of them at least). Goldschmidt has been nothing but class. He was the first to say he didn’t belive it was intentional and that pitchers need to work inside. Makes you feel bad for the guy that he caught a tough break. Doesn’t excuse the bush league tactics his teammates used to avenge him. Pirates expected it, but there’s a right way to retaliate and that wasn’t it. At first I though Delgado hit him once behind in the count with an open base, but I think this screen cap better illustrates what went down. He missed once and was set to let it go (as he should have) but his catcher insisted on a 2nd crack at HBP. Douchebacks teammates and organization could learn a few lessons about class from their star.

  5. That’s baseball. I understand you guys haven’t had a “baseball team” since Bonds, Bonilla and Van Slyke left until very recently. Sorry your guy took it in the back. Fieri should stick to cooking shows if he can’t pitch inside without hitting someone. McCutchen should be mad at his own guy in all reality.

    1. C’mon, Kirk – at least use your name – don’t just use “Anonymous.”

      Way to continue showing what a class act you are.

  6. If you watch this again closely, after Montero stands up following Cutch being hit, he looks to the Dbacks dugout and gives the thumbs up mission accomplished sign. Talk about a complete jerk.

  7. The next time the Pirates play these clowns I want the first pitch to go into their dugout right at Kirk Gibson’s head. Then we will say the ball got away from us and move on. Since this is baseball justice Gibson should have no issues with this.

  8. Anyone else notice Montero shifting over prior to the pitch and the quick fist pump when McCutchen gets hit? It’s either premeditated or he has some spider-sense.

  9. For all you people that don’t know baseball, retaliation has been a part of the game since it started! It’s there so players can protect their teammate! Stats show that Diamondbacks this year have thrown less inside on anyone than the rest of the league! Not to mention they have hit the least amount of players this year and the pirates have hit the most! So all you dbacks haters… Shut up facts aren’t on your side!

  10. For all these jags who cry about the Bucs leading in hit batsmen: How many of those are Charlie Morton 70 mph breaking balls that hit someone in the knee or foot? There’s pitching inside and then there’s going after people! Stay classy, Arizona.

  11. Then Charlie Morton sucks and shouldn’t be in the major leagues! By the way I hope the buccs position players get mad at their pitchers when they throw at people cause it’s their fault other teams retaliate! I understand people get hit, but this is two years in a row that pirates pitcher has broke someone else’s bone on the diamondbacks! First Aaron Hill now Goldschmidt! Stop making the diamondbacks out to be villains they’re not! This whole wussification of baseball Is sad because protecting a teammate has been part of the game and you pansies are trying to get rid of it!

    1. Wussification? Ok. The Pirates hit the most people. Fine. They’re also among the league leaders in getting plunked themselves. I have yet to see a Pirate pitcher go after someone’s head (like the Phillie’s Garcia did last night) or bury one in someone’s back. Pirate batters take their shot and walk to first base. Pansies, huh? I guess what I read on another blog is true (seeing as how MLB could care less about this sort of thing)……this BULL$#!T will continue until the Pirates take matters into their own hands. If the reigning MVP wants respect…he’ll have to charge the mound. When Miguel Montero steps in the box at PNC next season, he better wear a football helmet or goalie mask. Because after all “this is baseball”.

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