PirateFest Recap

The 23rd Annual PirateFest kicked off on Friday afternoon and into the night for season ticket holders.  Nothing was too out of the ordinary about this year, but it was once again a solid time.

Cutch, Clint Barmes, Jose Tabata, and Pedro Alvarez sign autographs:

PirateFest Autographs

The highly-anticipated Pirates management Q&A, which didn’t live up to expectations:

PirateFest Q&A

New (old) alternate hat and jersey to be worn on Sundays in 2013 that will pay tribute to the Bucs of the early 1970s:

PirateFest Sunday Alternate Uniform

ROOT Sports will bring back Monday Night Classics this winter, and here’s the schedule:

PirateFest Pirates Playback Monday Night Classics

The crowd was pretty big for the STH night, so expect it to be crowded on Saturday and Sunday as well.  Pretty much everything you’d expect at PirateFest made a return, including batting cages, autographs, games with prizes, and other booths to check out some cool baseball stuff and pick up a few free items.  If you’re looking for a Russell Martin  shirt or new Sunday hat/jersey, then you can check out the small store right by the entrance.  The game-used authentic store is very large, and has some awesome memorabilia from all different years, especially 2012.   The management Q&A was highly anticipated, but most fans asked standard questions and Huntington/Coonelly/Hurdle gave pretty thoughtful and true answers.  They seemed to loosen up because the crowd was all STH, but Saturday and Sunday could be interesting with some upset fans attending.  Just about every fan-favorite player will be attending this weekend, so you can pick up some autographs.  Check out a full autograph schedule here.  If you’re looking for a baseball fix and have been missing the Bucs, definitely head down to the convention center this weekend.

Go Bucs

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