PNC Park “Brunch Burger” Review

We ventured up to the Rivertowne Brewing Hall of Fame Club before Friday’s Pirates-Reds showdown. Our goal: order the new “Brunch Burger.”

The Brunch Burger’s components:
– Glazed doughnut, topped with black & gold sprinkles, cut in half and used as bun
– A burger with cheddar cheese
– Fried egg
– Bacon

PNC Park Brunch BurgerIt’s a combination unlike anything you’ve ever tasted, and it’s being served right now at PNC Park. One thing that stood out to us was that it wasn’t listed on the menu, but rather mentioned as a special. That being said, we aren’t sure if the Brunch Burger will be around all season or if it’s a limited time offer. It’s served with chips, and like any ballpark food, it’s pretty expensive at $10.75. As for the taste, it’s… different, to say the least. You really do get multiple flavors in one bite, ranging from the sweetness of the doughnut to the tenderness of the bacon.

At the end of the day, it’s a pretty satisfying treat. If you don’t care about potentially clogged arteries or high cholesterol, this is the sandwich for you. It’s not everyday that you get to try a burger on a doughnut (plus bacon and egg).

The Brunch Burger is only served in the Hall of Fame Club (located under the scoreboard), so make your way out there the next time you’re at a Bucco game.

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