MLB 13: The Show Review

Just like its counterpart, MLB 2K13, “The Show” was released last Tuesday. The MLB: The Show series is produced by Sony, and therefore exclusive to the PS3 and PS Vita, so XBOX owners are stuck with 2K13, which you can read about here. Pittsburgh’s very own Andrew McCutchen graces the cover thanks to a fan-vote that Cutch won.

Long-time fans of the series know this game is about as close to real baseball simulation you can get. Every aspect of the game is spot-on, but a few things really stand out: the realism, presentation, and attention to minute details. Simply by looking at a screenshot or video of some gameplay of The Show, you can tell how realistic the game really is. Nothing is too blocky or “video-game-looking,” and if you didn’t know any better, you might actually think it’s a live baseball game going on. Presentation-wise, The Show looks like a real ESPN or ROOT Sports broadcast. Looks around the league, standings, or random stats and facts will be thrown into the game, which just makes the game even more realistic. Arguably the most impressive aspect of MLB 13: The Show is the attention to details. At PNC Park specifically, a home run counter is shown down in foul territory on the Clemente Wall, the skyline and entire backdrop is perfect, and you’ll even hear the PA announcer remind fans that the Clemente Bridge will be closing after the game due to fireworks. Again, this just adds to the realism of the game and immerses the player into the experience.

MLB13 PS3 McCutchen

Game modes included in The Show include franchise, home run derby, playoff mode, RttS (road to the show), and more.

Operation Sports gave MLB 13: The Show a 9 out of 10, which is no surprise. The Show is definitely recommended for any baseball fan.

Check out this intro trailer for the game featuring a call from Greg Brown:

Bucs Bits: Pirates News and Notes 12/19/12

A few days removed from PirateFest weekend, here are some Bucco links:

– Speaking of PirateFest, nearly 17,000 fans flocked to the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, which set a new record.

– Charlie Wilmoth of Bucs Dugout provides five reasons why the Pirates aren’t likely to get a huge return if they decide to trade Joel Hanrahan.

– More on Hanrahan — Mike Petriello of Mike Scioscia’s Tragic Illness wonders if the Hammer would be a significant upgrade for the Dodgers.

– Andrew McCutchen is a candidate to be on the cover of MLB 13: The Show. Voting begins on January 7th.

– Jason Shetler of Bucco Nation got an exclusive interview with’s Jonathan Mayo.

– Gaby Sanchez is ready to bounce back in 2013, writes Bob Cohn of the Trib.

Happy Holidays from the Pirates.

– The introduction of the new Sunday alternate uniforms and batting practice cap at Friday’s PirateFest luncheon:

– Neil Walker is 100% and ready to go for 2013:

102 days until Opening Day.

Go Bucs